This year’s theme: UPSIDE DOWN: to change something completely, turn something inside out, put in disorder, mix or mess up. 

This year we are looking to extend to all forms of art (sculpture, film, music, photography, painting, drawing, fashion or entertainment industries) and anyone who is in a volunteer serving role at Globalheart is able to apply to exhibit their creativity. 



Joondalup Art Gallery


Wednesday 26th October – Saturday 5th November


You can submit any preferred art medium as long as it sits within the concept or theme.

This may include: acrylic painting, watercolours, sculpture, photography, textiles, film, installation art, performance art, etc.


Something Exciting and New!


Look out for our artist connection nights that are going be available for you to attend leading up to the exhibition. These nights will be a casual night (not every week), where artists can connect to one another and pick each other’s brains on creativity, small business setup, skill or techniques and gain support for their endeavours. And of course there is always food!



If you are interested in participating here is how:

• Please fill out the application form below.

• Artwork that is submitted in the exhibition must relate to topic or theme.

• Please note we will be screening artwork to ensure we are able to have a variety of mediums in the exhibition.

• Artwork may or may not be included in exhibition if it is consider inappropriate in content, skill or values we hold as a church, we will endeavour to inform you as early as possible so you will have time to resubmit if you choose.

You will receive an acceptance email which is a confirmation of application (Please note we still reserve the right to withhold artwork if the artwork does not line up with the values and principles of Globalheart Church).

• Applications close on Friday 10th September

• Artwork submission deadline: submitted to Globalheart Church by Friday 14th October 2016