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INFULENTIALL Half-day event with Ps Paul Scanlon

  • Joondalup Resort, Lakeview Ballroom (map)

Paul has been empowering and growing people for over 30 years. Paul’s Communication Masterclasses are one of his signature events that now take place globally. His conviction is that people are the best idea God ever had and his gift in expressing that is in demand all over the world.


My definition of leadership today is significantly different to the one I held 30 yrs ago. Back then it had more to do with titles, badges and positions. Now I think it’s all about making a difference; it is about influencing people or situations towards a better outcome.

Leadership is adding value. It isn’t just about authority or having a title, it’s being a carrier, a burden-bearer, a load-lightener. Leadership is functional and practical, and is essentially nothing to do with age, gender or background.

By the above definition there are many more leaders out there than you or I previously thought, which is good news. And you’re probably one of them!