Good Friday Volunteers

volunteers information for Perth Concert hall

9 to 10am - Production Team start arriving ( Drive/Enter through ally way in-between Concert Hall and Duxton Hotel) off St Georges TCE.

12 to 2pm - Rehearsals

2pm - BOH ( Back Of House ) meeting ( Production and Worship Team )

4:15pm - FOH meeting ( Front Of House ) ( Ushers, Carpark, Count Team & More ) 

4:30pm - Worship Team and Production Return  

5:00pm - External Doors open/ Tickets available to pick up 

5:15pm - Kids Sign in (1-7 Years Old)

5:30pm - Auditorium Doors Open

6pm - Start Time 

 7:30pm (ish) - Finish Time



Vip Parking

Please be aware the PCH ( Perth Concert Hall ) VIP car park will close one hour after an event has concluded.  
This will allow anyone who has remained in the building the ability to exit at any time.
Anyone who has left the building must return within the hour to remove their car.
The Car Park can be exited post the one hour period by pressing the red button on the side wall closest to the Stage Door Entry.

Hosts to take Guest to Foyer introduce them to Pastors and other influential people, then take them to the front row to their named seats once doors open please speak with Stuart if there are any seating concerns. 


Different levels

Stalls = Ground Floor

Lower gallery = 2nd Level

Upper Gallery = 3rd Level

Snacks and Bar (No Alcohol) : 2nd Level (5pm-6pm)

Creche and Parents Room: 2nd Level


Bathrooms: Only on Ground Floor


Kids Area: Ground Floor: Wardle Room

Pram Bay: Near Kids Area (TBC)

Ticket Pickup: Guest Ticketing Desk

First Aid: Behind Guest Ticketing Desk

VIP Seating: Front Rows of Ground Section (Look for Stuart Van Aswegen)

All Ticketing Concerns/Special Needs: Guest Ticketing Desk

Ear plugs and Tissues: Ushers have them/Guest Ticking Desk