Dear Girlfriends

It’s nearly that time of year again when our “Australian Christian Women” 16+ have the opportunity to gather together from far and wide, from many different church families across WA to our beautiful city to cheer each other on our journey of faith.

Our stories are all so unique. We all experience highs and lows, stormy times and festive times - Jesus is with us in them all! Something we all share in common is the need for encouragement, empowerment and a reminder that we do not journey alone no matter what chapter we face.

We are a Sisterhood of empathetic cheerleaders, who spur one another’s journey on in the spirit of unity to leave us built up in Jesus’ name and mobilised for our God-given mission. You and your girlfriends will benefit greatly from being in such an amazing atmosphere of faith, hope and celebration! 

We're so thrilled to be hosting Ps Wendy Perez this year. Wendy ministers with power, humility and authenticity. I encourage you to watch her speaking clip on the Just For Her promo, to witness that we are in for a significant impartation from God.

The lovely Ps Valery Murphy from Hillsong Church Sydney / Leaderscape will be leading and nurturing us, and our precious team of WA women will no doubt be as inspiring as ever!

I so hope you will join us to make it a really special and significant time together! Don’t come alone. Gather the women around you, tell them about it, extend the invitation as far as you can!

It’s an annual highlight for me so I don’t want any of our girls to miss out! Let’s continue to lead the way to glorify Jesus in WA.

With my love & prayers always,

Ps Sue xx
State ACW Coordinator